Mineralis Life Deep Sea Water


Since Antiquity, seawater (diluted) has been recognized as a source of vitality.

In 1904, René Quinton demonstrated that seawater has exactly the same mineral composition as the internal fluids of the human body! It thus provides the minerals in a perfectly balanced and assimilable way. It also contains all the alkaline substances that the body needs to neutralize the acidity that our body produces in too large quantities due to our current lifestyle (stress, modern diet, sport).

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Seawater is the simplest and most effective balancing agent of our internal extracellular environment that nature has given us. In addition, by restoring the level of minerals, the electrical conductivity of the medium is improved. Seawater is therefore energizing.

Recent scientific studies


Developed by a licensed physician, Mineralis Life is an unprocessed food, marine plasma, carefully selected and filtered to offer the best of the ocean for our health.

Extraction Area

Mineralis Life comes from a natural ocean reserve in Galicia, Spain, GAL-06/01 certified “A permanent“, guaranteeing the highest quality in Europe.

This wild coastal area benefits from a unique confluence of marine currents producing a permanent upwelling of water from the depths, a guarantee of purity, vitality and biodiversity. To preserve these qualities, the extraction area has been carefully studied and selected for its cleanliness. An irrefutable scientific proof …

A discovery of enormous scientific value

The BDRI (Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute) The blue whale had disappeared from the Spanish and French coasts for decades. Exceptionally, a specimen was spotted on 26 July near Finisterre.

Exactly in the area where Mineralis Life seawater is collected exclusively.

The density of living organic matter in this water is 2.5 times higher than in normal surface water, its pH is particularly high (8.2 – 9.3) and its mineral content is exceptional. Moreover, these minerals are chelated, which facilitates their assimilation. Independent bodies certify it www.intecmar.gal

Certification « A permanent » (GAL-06/01)
pH de la zone d’extraction (Zone: Ría de Muros e Noia / [M8] As Basoñas)

Filtration Process

We are the first brand to filter at 0.5 microns.

After extraction and rigorous analysis, the water is cold microfiltered using an exclusive physical process that guarantees the preservation of chelated minerals. No chemical treatment is applied.

Our research into the quality of Mineralis Life water has led us to move away from the so-called “Quinton Protocol”, which was valid at the beginning of the 20th century, but is scientifically obsolete today.

Our method allows us to have 2.3 more minerals preserved (keeping the precious trace elements) and allowing the great chelating agents (amino acids that make minerals bio-available) to pass through the filter. This lesser filtration respects the sea water as it is in this unique place where the blue whale (the largest mammal on the planet) comes to feed.

In addition, a very gentle light treatment is used to prevent the passage of viruses into our product without altering any of its qualities.

The packaging is of the highest quality available on the market and is fully certified. It is free of bisphenol A, nanoparticles, phthalates and heavy metals. In terms of quality, it is more neutral and gentle to its contents than some glass bottles. Unlike glass containers, the water never comes into contact with air as the bag contracts as it is emptied, so there is no need to store the BIB in the refrigerator.
Certification des sacs


Our choice of BIB (Bag in Box) packaging was a conscious choice of the importance that the carbon footprint of our product had on the planet.

Contrary to what some people think, the glass bottle is the worst choice from an ecological and product conservation point of view. Transporting liquids in bottles is an ecological disaster if you look at the weight when empty and the weight when full.

The water in the BIB is never in contact with air or light, unlike glass containers, as the bag contracts as it is emptied, so there is no need to store the BIB in the refrigerator.

The CO2 footprint of the 10 litre Bag in Box is almost ten times lower than glass bottles due to its low weight and very low grey energy consumption during production. This water complies with the strictest European standards



The proper acid-base balance of the blood and the extra-cellular fluid environment is essential to our survival. Since normal cellular activity leads to increased acidity, especially in stressful situations or during intense periods of sporting activity, it is essential to adopt a diet that can support the body in resisting this acidification, by making use of alkalizing foodstuffs, such as fresh fruit and vegetables.

To an even greater extent than fruit and vegetables, Mineralis Life seawater is an exceptional alkalizing agent. This is due not only to its strongly alkaline pH, which surpases 8.2, but also to the extremely high levels of natural substances that act as chemical buffers and maintain proper pH levels in both the blood and extracellular fluids.

As such, Mineralis Life is indispensable as an aid for the body to maintain balance!

It is also ideal for an alkaline diet. The chemical buffers in seawater are identical to those found in the blood and which maintain the blood pH levels that are essential for survival. For example, bicarbonate (HCO3–), which is a vital component of the pH buffering system, is exactly the same in isotonic seawater as it is in the blood. Another chemical buffer that is particularly effective in acting as a buffer against acidity is hydrogen phosphate, which is even more concentrated in seawater than it is in the blood!

So, it is clear that seawater is much more than a simple alkaline solution. It is an active substance that is extremely effective in maintaining pH levels, not just in blood, but also in all of the extra-cellular bodily fluids. By consuming seawater, the acid alkaline balance of the body is better conserved, particularly in relation to acidity generated by

  • normal cellular respiration
  • stress that results from modern lifestyles
  • the product of strong acids, such as sulfuric acid, which are linked to normal liver functions
  • anaerobic muscular activity during periods of intense physical effort
  • anaerobic fermentation processes in areas of the body affected by sickness

In addition, it is important to note that the chemical buffers in seawater can pass through the stomach without being neutralized by gastric juices, since they are protected by chelates, in the same way as all of the other minerals in seawater.

From a technical standpoint, we can see that a chemical buffer allows a solution to resist variations in pH levels that would result from the presence of acids or alkalines. Let’s take a look at how bicarbonate reacts. In the presence of acids, bicarbonate HCO3 absorbs an H+ ion, and is transformed into dihydrogen carbonate, H2CO3. Then, the red blood cells cause this new molecule to react, leading to the creation of water, H2O, and carbon dioxide, CO2, which is eliminated by the lungs. By this process, the pH levels of the solution are maintained. In the extremely rare case in which we see increased alkaline levels, bicarbonate HCO3 becomes a carbonate ion CO32–, thereby freeing an Hion, which recombines with an OH and forms water, H2O. As such, pH levels of the solution are also maintained.

78 Chelated Minerals

Seawater is the only foodstuff known to contain all of the minerals needed by the human body and, in fact, it not only contains all of these minerals, but it does so to the exact proportions necessary for the body!

According to scientific analysis, seawater contains a minimum of 78 different minerals, from the most commonly found, such as magnesium and calcium, to trace elements such as gold and silver in very low quantities. All of these minerals play an essential role in the organism of the human body, and this is reflected by the exact quantities of these minerals found in seawater.

In addition to providing a complete complement of natural minerals, seawater also offers these minerals in the only manner that guarantees their complete absorption and without irritation to the digestive tract: as chelated minerals.

Thanks to the natural qualities that come from the immense mineral and organic richness of the ocean, seawater completes our diets in the optimal manner.

Natural Detoxifier

The chelates in Mineralis Life, which are present in high quantities, act as chemical fixatives that allow the elimination of toxins and other substances, including ionic sodium, via the urine without causing any problems to the kidneys or cellular membranes.

Mineralis Life also strongly stimulates the body’s natural detoxification mechanisms, in addition to aiding weight loss.

While Mineralis Life is a completely natural foodstuff, its detoxifying effects can nevertheless be strong at high doses, such as the equivalent of many milliliters of pure seawater per day. For this reason, it is necessary to initially limit consumption to moderate levels, and then progressively increase the dose over several days.

As in all detox regimes, symptoms including softer stools and more frequent bowel movements, as well as more frequent urination, are normal. However, these symptoms should not last longer than one or two weeks.

Once this initial phase has passed, if indeed it happens at all, seawater is a source of vitality, energy and balance on a daily basis!

With the aim of detoxification, it is preferable to drink Mineralis Life as an isotonic drink.

Warning : in case of sickness, particular in relation to the kidneys, please consult with your doctor before using this product.

Pathogens die on prolonged contact (a few minutes) with pure seawater.


Mineralis Life is an essential element in any bathroom, where it can be used as a ten-minute mouthwash after brushing the teeth, and also as a natural disinfectant for the eyes, throat, skin and the mucous membranes!

As a mouthwash, seawater, when used pure, aids in ensuring the health of teeth and gums by eliminating bacteria and loosening dental plaque, while maintaining the health of tissue and enamel.

Pure seawater is hipertonic and also acts as an effective and non-irritating natural antiseptic. In situations in which this antiseptic effect is not required, seawater can also be used in an isotonic manner, in which it hydrates and regenerates tissue.

A few daily drops of Mineralis Life in the eyes aids in cleaning and preventing infection. In cases of ENT disorders, seawater is extremely effective as a rinse for the ear, nose or mouth.

Mineralis Life is also remarkably effective as an aid in the healing of skin problems, including burns, injuries and dermatosis of all types.

Seawater can also be especially useful as means of treating and managing the healing of local urogenital problems.

Our Ethics

Reduced trace of CO2

Why didn’t we use glass for our packaging? The bag-in-box system that was chosen, which is made using recycled card and plastic pouches of the highest quality, allow for a reduced volume and mass with respect to the contents.

This type of packaging currently offers the lowest carbon footprint possible. In comparison with glass bottles, even those that are recyclable, carbon dioxide emissions related to the production of bag-in-box packaging are reduced by a factor of ten.

Nordic LCA Wine Packaging Study Bio Intelligence service

Democratising Seawater

Democratising seawater and spreading knowledge are the two objectives of our company.

Our entire distribution policy is focused on providing the best possible quality product at the best possible price, without devaluing the product.

In a market where seawater is sold in small packages at unaffordable prices, it is not easy to be at the right price, without risking losing those who still believe that quality is linked to price.

This is also the reason why we do not sell the isotonic form, because we teach our customers how to dilute rather than asking them to pay much more for less product.

Our aim is to demonstrate scientifically and through independent bodies why Mineralis Life achieves the highest level of quality, without having to increase our prices.

We want customers who will not be fooled by simple marketing strategies or false beliefs from the last century (Quinton protocol).

Collaborative project

The distribution of Mineralis Life is exclusively entrusted to actors interested in the transmission of knowledge relating to the Mineralis Life product. Anyone wishing to distribute Mineralis Life is welcome, provided they respect ethics.

Each distribution player has signed a charter prohibiting exclusively economic and speculative approaches, as well as large-scale distribution without a direct link with the consumer.

Mineralis Life seawater must offer the best European seawater to everyone and at a fair price. Indeed, its regular consumption must be possible by the greatest number.

Therapists and resellers therefore constitute the core of the distribution system, they transmit knowledge in addition to the product itself.