Aware of the fact that the oceans feed us all, and that it is urgent to work to preserve them, our company, which produces Mineralis Life, donates 1% of its turnover each year to projects that work in this direction. Biomineralis by Atlantic determines with its partners the projects to which this percentage is donated.


The beneficiary project for 2019

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The Ocean Cleanup Foundation is developing a technology to extract plastic waste from our oceans.



In order to prevent the formation of the 6th continent in certain areas of the oceans, where floating waste is more abundant than fish, Boyan Slat, a young Dutchman of Croatian origin, developed a passive system that uses ocean currents to his advantage and automatically collects almost all of this plastic waste.

The project was featured on a television program (TED Talk) in 2012, and the following year, at the age of 18, Boyan founded The Ocean Cleanup.



The Ocean Cleanup offers a large-scale passive method for removing solid waste from the oceans. This method is based on a system made up of a floating tube, stabilized by a suspended anchor, supporting a net which catches solid waste. This system has a U shape and is currently sweeping the North Pacific. It concentrates the waste at a central point, where it is collected by ships for recycling.

In addition, at the end of October 2019, The Ocean Cleanup launched a new cleaning initiative, this time for rivers called The Interceptor. The aim here is also to help clean up the oceans by reducing the contribution of pollution that cames from rivers.

This latest project features interceptor boats, powered by solar energy, which activate arms directing floating waste towards a collector, which then dumps them into containers on a barge.




The Ocean Cleanup hopes that with the full deployment of the project in 2020, it will be possible to clean up 50% of Pacific waste, and up to 90% of plastic from the oceans by 2040.

This idea appealed to us, and we are happy to transfer 1% of our 2019 turnover to The Ocean Cleanup.

We also want human society to gradually stop using plastics, and Biomineralis is committed to this by reducing their use as much as possible in its production. We also invite everyone to become more responsible for their use of plastics. Taking action at the source is the only sustainable way to keep our oceans and ourselves healthy.

Mineralis Life for plastic-free oceans!

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