The blue whale has chosen Mineralis Life for his return
July 2018


The blue whale disappeared from the Spanish and French coasts for decades. Exceptionally, on July 26 a specimen was spoted near Finisterre, exactly at the Mineralis Life extraction point. The exceptionally high cleanliness and nutrient content at this location could well explain this unique fact, as described in the following article from the newspaper “La Voz de Galicia”.


« A discovery of enormous scientific value,
something unique! »


The BDRI (Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute) recorded this specimen of 18 meters on Thursday, very close to Finisterra. They believe that whales are returning to Galicia looking for food, thus resuming an old migratory route. The whaling activity ended with these specimens in the area decades ago.

Bruno Diaz said: “What’s happening in Galicia with the appearance of cetaceans is something unique, and in the case of this blue whale I must say it is also fantastic, especially because it is a species that can hardly be seen in the Azores and that is threatened throughout the planet.”

“Whaling was banned in Galicia in 1985. The sea giant was not a stranger in waters like the “Costa da Morte” then, more than three decades later, the cetacean seems to be returning to its old home.”


Mineralis Life welcomes the blue whale,
finally back in its waters!

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