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Seawater is the only substance that is currently known to be both a powerful alkalizer and a daily source of chelated minerals. Can remineralize the body on a daily basis and an important liquid for bodily hygiene, Mineralis Life is also an invaluable element of any alkalizing diet or detoxifying cure, and works wonders when used during even the most demanding sports training regimes! This unique mixture of qualities is produced in the heart of the ocean through the activity of phytoplankton. Mineralis Life offers the richest and cleanest water from the European coasts!



Mineralis Life in every day life


Mineralis Life provides all of the minerals that are most needed by the human body, all of which are fully bioavailable! Containing the most minerals of any nutrient found in nature, Mineralis Life is an integral part of any diet. On top of that, Mineralis Life efficiently neutralises the acidity that prevents the proper functioning of our cells, and detoxifies our organism …


Seawater, when diluted (isotonic), is an essential nutritional element for everyone, of all ages. Combining one part of Mineralis Life with three parts of fresh water. Mineralis Life pure (hypertonic) can also be used as an alternative to kitchen salt when cooking, or even in the bathroom, where the health benefits of his external use can be enjoyed …


Made from oceanic seawater of the highest quality that is sourced from the conserved ecosystem of Galicia in Spain, the organic and mineral richness of Mineralis Life is preserved through the process of cold microfiltration. As such, the water contains an elevated quantity of chelated minerals and its pH is particularly alkaline …

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Mineralis Life was born from a shared passion for the oceans, in addition to the deepest respect for the environment, with the aim of offering much more than just a product, but rather a precious knowledge for everyone. From initial packaging to the final distribution of the product to the end customer, our main focus is on transmitting this knowledge and raising awareness of the treasure that the oceans represent for our health, all while working concretely to ensure their preservation.

Our products

Mineralis Life Eau de Mer Seawater Meerwasser Acqua di Mare BiB Bag in Box 2L 2 Litres
Mineralis Life 2L - 27.00


Mineralis Life Eau de Mer Seawater Meerwasser Acqua di Mare BiB Bag in Box 2L 2 Litres
Mineralis Life 2L - 27.00


Mineralis Life Eau de Mer Seawater Meerwasser Acqua di Mare BiB Bag in Box 10L 10 Litres
Mineralis Life 10L - 100.00


Mineralis Life Eau de Mer Seawater Meerwasser Acqua di Mare BiB Bag in Box 10L 10 Litres
Mineralis Life 10L - 100.00



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Mineralis Life is made from specially selected and microfiltered oceanic seawater. It provides, on a daily basis, all of the minerals needed by the human body, in addition to acting as a powerful detoxifying agent. Mineralis Life is conditioned and packaged using a ‘bag-in-box’ system that guarantees freshness and protects against contamination, while also ensuring the minimum ecological impact. Mineralis Life stays fresh when stored at temperatures between 0°C and 40°C, even after having been opened.

The origin of the product Mineralis Life

Mineralis Life is sourced from a natural marine park that is exceptional and unique in Europe (GAL-06/01). The density of organic material, or chelates, is 2.5 times higher in this location than elsewhere, as attested to by the « A permanent ». European designation of quality …

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Who are we?

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Mineralis Life is produced by the family-owned company Biomineralis by Atlantic S.L., which was founded by Doctor Marta Barreda, a specialist in public health who trained at the Free University of Brussels. While working as a general practitioner at a health centre in Cantabria in Spain, she discovered the immense potential of seawater, when used as a health supplement.

Firmly convinced by the effectiveness of this unique product, a multidisciplinary group of scientists, therapists, engineers, teachers, and sportspeople is coming together to spread the word of this magnificent product as widely as possible, and share the knowledge, ethics and respect for the environment that are associated with it.

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