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The fluidity of the water and the purity of mountain air merge to give life to Yogaland by Odaka, the first international festival with the Odaka Yoga® program, scheduled for June 30th and July 1st in Courmayeur.
Mineralis Life Italy YogaLand Odaka Yoga Courmayeur Festival
Two days to practice yoga, tune in with the breath of the mountain and to get in touch with a discipline that is accessible to everyone and that does not require particular physical skills but only the curiosity to open up to a world of infinite potential.
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Odaka Yoga® is one of the most renowned and prestigious international styles of Yoga with over 70 schools around the world and official venues in Italy, Australia, the US and China. Born from an innovative and original concept by Roberto Milletti (Sensei) and Francesca Cassia (Niji), it is a contemporary style of yoga with a deep respect for tradition. A wide-ranging approach that, inspired by the observation of the oceanic waves and the techniques for conveying the inner energy borrowed from the martial arts, embodies the flow of life with awareness, joy and inner strength.
Mineralis Life YogaLand Odaka Yoga

From this spirit comes Yogaland by Odaka, a festival based on the Odaka Yoga® philosophy of living and sharing the practice of yoga inside and outside the mat, creating synergy and synchronicity, while promoting awareness and ecology in respect for all living creatures.

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For these reasons and because of the profound resonance between the Odaka yoga style and the ocean, Mineralis Life has choosen to sponsor this event, that will be held in the prestigious location of the Jardin de l’Ange, in the center of Courmayeur. In those two days will be possible to meet the Mineralis Life italian distributor (GEMMA srl) and receive all the information, learn more about the benefit of drinking sea water attending their micro courses , try and buy Mineralis Life water and use it directly during the yoga sessions, the yoga & climbing programs or during the walks in the middle of the evocative nature of Mont Blanc.

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Thanks to the the communication agencies Shaken and AFC, Yogaland by Odaka is made possible by the precious support of Mineralis Life and other partners: HS, a leading company in sportswear which is close to the launch of the first yoga line with the Odaka Yoga® brand and Heartfulness, an international meditation school.

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See you! At Yogaland by Odaka in Courmayeur with Mineralis Life!

In the meantime, stay tuned on:

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